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Dog walking is the perfect way to give your dog a potty break and supply them with a guided outlet for their energy.  It is my feeling that every dog, whether short, tall, young or old can benefit from a proper leash walk. Your dogs energy level will determine the proper amount of time that should be spent doing this activity.

Some shy dogs benefit from a group walk, where they can gain self confidence and be the proud little pup they aspire to be. Other dogs require a more one on one approach.  Maybe your pup hasn't mastered the skills of walking properly with you, or maybe he or she tends to be walking you.  A controlled and balanced indivdual walk could do wonders for this type of dog.  Schedule a free consult and I can help you determine what type of walk would be best for your companion. Dog walks are always at least 30 minutes and can be up to one hour in length.  Prices range from $25-$40. Multiple dog households receive a discounted rate if their dogs can be walked together. Prices also vary for time of day. Prime rate hours are 11am-3pm. GPS dog walking update available upon request. Call ,text or email for a more accurate quote. This is our most popular service.

Dogwalking- (Group or individual) $25-$40

30 minutes - 1 hour






Mid Day Break  $15
This service is to give your dog or puppy a mid day potty break. This service is a great choice whether you have a new puppy or a beloved senior citizen pet. It will include a quick play session, administer medications if needed, and a chance for your puppy or dog to relieve them self outside. This service is  15 minutes long and can greatly improve on those accidents you may come home to after work.  It allows your pet the chance to show you that your hard work on housebreaking has paid off. I recommend this service for the family that has the time and energy to play and walk their dog before or after work or school, but would like to give their friend a mid day break. This service is $15 for one dog and $2 extra for each additional dog. 



Cat , small animal, or bird visits $25

This service is offered for the owner who is away on vacation or working long hours.  I will provide your cat or small animal with fresh water, fresh food, clean  bedding or litterbox, and provide some one on one time with your pet. Some cats and birds may require an additional visit, this additional visit could be added early in the morning or late at night for an additional $20.The first visit will be a 30 minute visit for $25, with an additional $5 fee for every 10 minutes added.Some home care is also provided with this service.( turning off and on lights, closing blinds, getting mail, toy pickup, ect.)

in Home dog boarding is like having all of the packages above bundled into one, then top it off with a puppy sleepover in my home.  Your beloved friend gets treated like one of my own.  I keep your pet in my home where you can feel assured that your pet is getting the care it deserves.  I can only allow dogs that are dog and cat friendly. Due to the personalized care your dog will receive, there will be limited availability. Please check with your lollipup petcare provider for dates and sleepover options.

In Home dog boarding $45.00 / day (currently not taking new clients in this area)

For the very best in care, call (206)303-8519 or email us at

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