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Lollipup petcare  formed after a lifetime of devotion to animals. I have shared my home with all sorts of furry, feathered and scaled creatures.  I grew up on a farm, surrounded by every type of animal. My family always taught me to respect the animals that surrounded me. This gave me the opportunity to learn from living with everything from cows to ferrets. I have spent my life learning and growing with all of the animals I love so much.


Growing up, I belonged to 4-H where I took great pride showing my rabbits. I belonged to several kennel clubs and enjoyed training my family's dogs in obediance.  I spent the weekends doing the Average Joe cat shows, where I showed off my not so average cat. Later on I even joined a herptology club to learn more about snakes and other reptiles. I still have the pet that helped me overcome my initial fear of snakes. Her name is Lizzie and she has been with me over 15 years. 


My husband and I were lucky enough to belong to Rosa the bloodhound for 15 years, We worked with a search and rescue team in WI where we became valued members. We learned new methods of training a high energy dog that needed a job.  Rosa recently passed away and will always be in our hearts. The valuable lessons she taught us will live on forever.  


I feel that I can never learn enough about the animals around us. I am excited to meet your pet and learn about their personalities as well. My mission is to provide you with the professional and loving pet care that your family member deserves. Positive attitude, Professional service and Play are the three 3 "P"s of Lollipup Petcare,  and of course the L is for Love. A love of animals and being able to work with you.​


I am experienced in the care of cats,dogs,rabbits,birds,small animals and snakes. I love and appreciate the qualities of all animals.I have experience with special needs pets as well as elderly pets.I look forward to working with your pet and letting you see the results. I love the difference that a little exercise can do to change a rambunctious puppy into a calm couch companion. I would love to meet your family and welcome them into the Lollipup family. The animals on this page are just a few that belong to the Lollipup family.

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